Welcome to Mr. P's
Celebrating 18 years of wood-fired pizza goodness.

Welcome to Delaware's best wood fired pizzeria and craft beer bar. What's better than great wood fired pizza and craft beer? We offer cask & nitro beer plus 17 regular taps. We are proud to pour many local beers, including Dogfish, 16 Mile, Mispillion, 3rd Wave, Evolution, Burley Oak, Revelation, Fordham & Dominion, Big Oyster and Dewey Beer. Thank you for dining with us.
What Makes Us Unique

"We choose Quality over Quantity"
This philosophy defines and guides everything we do. From our woodfired pizza to our passion for offering originally brewed & poured craft beer; we believe that taste and technique take time and are worth savoring. This lead us to decide not to offer delivery, our pizza is eat in or to go only. Could we sell more pizza if we delivered? Maybe, but then we also feel that the quality of our product would suffer and that's something we just can't swallow. Simplicity and honesty are also part of who we are and it's why we are a CASH ONLY establishment. This allows us to keep our fees in check, our restaurant running smoothly and our focus where it should be- on our pizza, beer and you.
Woodfired Pizza
It's our brand signature, our trademark. Sure there are easier ways to make pizza but none better. From the construction of the oven to the temperature control , it's all combines to help turn our fresh made, hand tossed pizza dough into a pure, mouthwatering, chewing delight and the perfect base for our creative toppings.

Nitro & Cask Beer
We've become (almost) as famous for our large selection of locally crafted beer, especially our rotating selection of Nitro & Cask specialities. For those of you not familiar with them, Nitro beer unlike its traditionally carbonated counterparts is silky, smooth, creamy and luxurious. Cask beer, while still carbonated, is pumped by hand- from the barrel to the glass (think of an old time soda jerk) and served chilled instead of icy cold; it's more European in its texture and temperature. Both pair exceptionally well with our craft style pizza and both offer rotating selections brewed specifically for us.

This just might be our most important ingredient and it's what gives real meaning to our mantra of "Be Unique. Be Different. Be Memorable". It's what's behind our quality over quantity mission statement and what drives our decision to make woodfired pizza, pour nitro & cask beer and, most importantly, treat every customer with the respect, honesty & integrity they deserve.

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